Spiritual Heritage Day June 13th 2024

     The “ARISE SHINE” celebration of the church is taking place in various places around the world.  June 13, 1903 marked a momentous occasion for The Church of God.  We do not want to allow the importance of that moment in time to fade from people’s memories, so we celebrate this event on the 13th of June each year through special events and messages.  Also, for those who have never heard of The Church of God, it provides an opportunity for us to share the message of the church and God’s plan for her in these last days.

     It was June 13th 1903 when early one morning a man by the name of A. J. Tomlinson climbed to the top of a small mountain in Cherokee county North Carolina to pray. While in prayer on his knees, weeping before God, the inspiration and understanding of God concerning the church of the Bible began to shine in this man’s heart. He walked back down the mountain to join others who had gathered together in the home of W. F. Bryant. For those who had gathered, including A. J. Tomlinson himself, the purpose of this meeting was to find the Church of God of the Bible and through prayer they had prevailed. Following is Brother Tomlinson’s testimony of what transpired when he entered the meeting.

“I came back down the mountain and entered the meeting. Questions were asked, Bible answers were given. They said they took the whole Bible rightly divided as their only rule of faith and practice. I said, ‘Well if you take the whole Bible rightly divided, that makes it the Church of God. Why do you want to call it the Holiness Church at Camp Creek?’ They agreed with me but couldn’t answer my question. Then I said, ‘You have agreed that this that I have said makes it the Church of God, and will you be willing to take it and keep it the Church of God?’ They said they were willing. I then asked if they were willing to take me in with the understanding that it IS the Church of God?’ They said they were willing. So I stood right there in front of the fireplace and Brother Spurling, who has gone to heaven, took the Bible and gave it to me. He handed it to me and said, “Will you take this as the Word of God, believe it and practice it, obey its precepts and walk in the light as God is in the light?’ I thought deeply. I remembered what a time I had on the mountain. I meant business. God meant business…Right here I gave my hand to Brother Spurling…I took the obligation with deep sincerity and extreme sacredness never to be forgotten.”

     The revelation, inspiration and excitement that was experienced on that day continues to live on in the church today. A fresh new wave of what was felt then has entered into our people today. The vision of A. J. Tomlinson, Spurling, Bryant and others that was gathered in that small building years ago is still alive in The Church of God. It is still alive because it is God’s plan for these last days.