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We see the Sunday School program in The Church of God as fulfilling an important role in the mission of the church. Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible lay out the importance for God’s people to teach others the principles found in His holy word. Many Christian organizations have a Sunday School program operating in their churches and the Sunday School was the first auxiliary adopted by The Church of God. It was discussed in the first assembly of 1906. The following words were taken from the minutes of the 1906 Assembly.
"We highly favor this important service as a means to teach the people to reverence God's Word and the house appointed for worship, and also to elevate the morals of the community. It is, therefore, the sense of this Assembly to recommend, advise and urge every local church to:

1. Have Sunday School every Sunday during the whole year.

2. We advise the workers to do all they can to propagate the Sunday School interest and search for places where there are none and organize where it is possible to do so. We believe Sunday School may sometimes be organized and run successfully where a church could not be established at once, thereby opening and paving the way for more permanent work in the future.

The name of our Sunday School quarterly is “IN HIS IMAGE” and each quarterly book promotes this theme and encourages us to take on the character traits of Christ. (Eph. 4:13)