Victory Leaders Band

                             Youth of The Church

Victory Leader Band

The youth of The Church of God are called “Victory Leaders.” How much more appropriate could a title be for Christian youth than “Victory Leaders” and especially in this day and time when youth are often made to feel that the enemy and those that oppose them are greater than the God that lives within them? Our youth are reminded that “greater is he that is within you…”
The youth program of the church is for the purpose of training our young people in the SERVICE of the Lord and also for helping them to attain a greater KNOWLEDGE of God’s word. The youth of today face many challenging things from various areas of life and our goal in the Victory Leader Band is to help equip them for the battlefield.
One vital part of the youth program is to offer something special for the youth that will allow them to get involved in learning about the Lord, and in doing his work. The youth of the church help raise funds to print gospel tracts. They play a vital role in helping carry out the mission of the church, which involves taking the “whole gospel to the whole world.”
The VLB program encourages good Christian activities for our youth on the local church level along with encouragement on the national and general also.