Women’s Missionary Band



The WMB is a missionary arm of the church designed specifically for women.


Women’s groups are organized in local churches around the world for the purpose of helping to fulfill the great commission that God has given to the church. These groups bless the church in many ways by ministering to those in their own community and also by raising funds for missionary efforts in other countries besides their own. The groups play a vital role in the ministry of the church both in their home country and abroad.

Special meetings are sometimes held where WMB groups from different local churches come together for a ladies conference or retreat and have a wonderful time of fellowship and worship.

Fund raising projects through the years by the WMB have been a tremendous blessing to the mission work and has enabled the church to move forward in a greater measure than it otherwise would have been able to do.

In the local church, the WMB provides a great outreach tool by creating prayer groups, women bible study groups in the neighborhood and other modes of outreach.